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Become a Volunteer

Our volunteers are passionate about contributing their time and talent to the promotion of peace, accountability and human rights.

The Application Process

Thank you for your interest in PeaceGeeks! To apply to volunteer, please complete our two-step process: 

Step 1: Complete registration form
Step 2: Submit attachments

If your skills match a current opportunity, our Talent Team will connect with you for an interview. Otherwise, we will keep your resume on file in case a suitable opportunity arises at a later date. 


What Can I Expect?

By joining PeaceGeeks, you are becoming part of an exciting and innovative community of skilled professionals and global citizens. We are passionate about volunteering our time and talent to helping peacebuilders and human rights defenders to affect change at home on the issue that matter most in their communities. We work hard on our projects, learn from our successes and failures, and work constantly to ensure that we are advancing our goal of empowering grassroots leaders.


Current Volunteer Openings

  1. Who We Are Looking For PeaceGeeks is looking for a Treasurer to join the Board of Directors. The successful candidate will provide oversight of financial reporting activities, provide financial advisory to the entire organization, contribute to the board’s...
  2. Who We Are Looking For PeaceGeeks is looking for a Board Member. The successful candidate will contribute to the board’s governance of PeaceGeeks as well as its own operational effectiveness and continuing development. This position is best suited to an...
Meet a Volunteer Mack Hardy
As our Technology Advisor, Mack has worked for over 10 years using technology to create positive change in the world. His specialty is identifying strategic business needs and translating them into tangible technical requirements.