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Thank you for participating in the #GiveItUp4Peace 2018!

This October 2018, we challenged you to give up one thing you "can't live without"—eg. coffee, driving—and raise money to support those giving up everything for peace. Thanks to your efforts, we raised $51,426 to help communities at risk use tech for peace. Learn more

Where it is needed most Pathways: Welcome refugees & immigrants in Canada Meshkat Community: Build resilient communities that respond to hate online
Where it is needed most

Your donation gives us the flexibility to make a difference where it is needed most and respond effectively to emerging issues to support even more communities around the world.

Your donation will:

  • Elevate the impact of our existing projects including Pathways and Meshkat Community
  • Sustain our PeaceTalks and other free and accessible community programming
  • Give PeaceGeeks the capacity to support even more conflict-affected and displaced communities around the world


Pathways: Welcome refugees & immigrants in Canada
Pathways by PeaceGeeks

Your donation to Pathways will go directly towards scaling and sustaining our app dedicated to refugees and immigrants in Canada, in order to help all newcomers navigate and meet their most urgent needs.

Canada has committed to welcoming 300,000 immigrants every year. But how well are we support immigrants after they arrive? In 2016, Canada welcomed 46,700 refugees, but resettlement has proven to be a challenge for many, particularly for Government-Assisted Refugees whose financial support ends 12 months from arrival. After “Month 13,” many refugee families have ended up on provincial welfare systems, while still waiting for services such as employment and language training that they signed up for on day 1 of their arrival. A main issue is that refugees lack access to and awareness of the full list of existing, available services. Access to information for newcomers was identified by 7 municipal districts across Metro Vancouver as a top barrier for immigrant resettlement in 2016.

Your donation will:

  • Help us build an all-encompassing app that fast-tracks newcomers in Canada to successful resettlement, by connecting them with a personalized directory of services tailored to their needs, circumstances and stages of settlement
  • Give PeaceGeeks the ability to scale the app to more Canadian provinces beyond British Columbia
  • Engage immigrants, refugees and settlement organization in an ongoing process beyond the app's launch to meet their needs and strengthen innovation in the settlement sector


Meshkat Community: Build resilient communities that respond to hate online
Meshkat Community by PeaceGeeks

Your donation to Meshkat Community will help amplify and inspire the efforts of Jordanian digital content creators, artists, activists and youth to promote peace and respond to hate, violence and polarization online.

In recent years, violent extremist groups have used media tactics, such as mobile apps, print magazines and social media, to effectively recruit and incite violent actions. Despite creative online counter-messaging efforts by Arab youth and independent content producers, few resources have been dedicated to learn from these efforts or promote more media that curbs extremist narratives. Preventing future traction of extremist narratives also demands constructive dialogue that promotes religious, racial and ethnic tolerance to tackle the underlying community challenges that enable violence and radicalization.

Your donation will:

  • Enable the PeaceGeeks team in Jordan to run more capacity building workshops, community resilience workshops, incubation programs and other community programs, which convene and inspire local citizens to respond collaboratively to hateful and violent messages online using positive and inclusive messages
  • Catalyze the Digital Peace Youth Network: an enabling digital environment where Jordanian youth can convene and engage with their peers in safe, positive and responsible ways, and act as active peacebuilders within their communities
  • Scale Meshkat Community to other parts of the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region


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Thank you for supporting our work

Your support means the world. Throughout the year, and with your permission, we will be in touch with you to share how your contributions are making a difference. You can also check out our Annual Reports to find out about how past contributions have been used to help our partners.