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About our work

Our work isn't simply about technology. It's about connecting and amplifying local voices to drive sustainable social change.
How we work

PeaceGeeks partners with community leaders and organizations to understand the challenges they are facing, and collaborates with these stakeholders to create tech-based solutions that strengthen their efforts for peace and humanitarian action. Our approach is always community-driven — we believe that when communities affected by conflict and displacement have the tools to lead change on the ground, we as a global community can collectively respond to some of the world's biggest challenges.

Since our inception in 2011, PeaceGeeks has managed more than 70 projects in 26 countries and engaged over 1,000 volunteers around the world. Today, our partners include the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), International Criminal Court (ICC), Google, the Government of Canada, and the Province of British Columbia.

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While the technical aspects of our projects may be varied, all of our work touches on these areas of focus:

Connecting Communities at Risk

Whether in humanitarian crisis situations or countries of permanent resettlement, poor access to information is a critical setback for people rebuilding their lives.

What we do
In Jordan, Turkey and Canada, PeaceGeeks helps immigrants, refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) connect to their most urgent services. We supply real-time information and locations of life-saving humanitarian services like food, water, and shelter, for displaced and crisis-affected communities. We're also supporting newcomers to successfully resettle by helping them navigate their most relevant and timely resources based on their personal needs and circumstances.

Active Projects

Amplifying Voices for Peace

Digital tools, social media, gaming, bots, videos and misinformation play an increasingly prominent role in inciting and escalating social divides and violence.

What we do
PeaceGeeks collaborates with citizens and civil society organizations to amplify constructive dialogue and digital content that strengthens social cohesion and community resilience. We convene and inspire creative and locally-relevant community action, particularly among youth and women, to prevent the continued escalation of online hate, violence, extremism and polarization.

Active Projects


Strengthening Access to Justice

In situations of human rights violations and crimes against humanity, technology can help close the gap between the most affected communities and traditionally top-down decision-makers.

What we do
PeaceGeeks uses mapping, digital communications and online information crowdsourcing to help communities and policy makers understand the scale of human rights abuses. We also work with civil society organizations and policy makers to strengthen digital security and responsible data practices in the area of human rights.

Recent Projects

Engaging Global Citizens

From political interference to humanitarian innovation, global security and conflict are increasingly intersecting with online spaces and technology, in ways that the world has yet to fully understand.


What we do
PeaceGeeks hosts events that convene people of all backgrounds, including human rights and development practitioners, innovators, private sector, civil society groups and the general public. These events are aimed at learning how communities can play a role in addressing emerging peace and human rights issues and inspire collective and cross-disciplinary action.

Public Programming

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