Portside Fundraiser on Nov 19!
Join us at the Portside Pub on Nov 19 for our #GiveItUp4Peace fundraiser! Tickets are $15 and include a live band, a free beer from Dageraad, food and an awesome silent auction. Get your tickets here!

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RT @canadavisalaw: #WelcomeRefugees Congratulations - and some questions - for Canada’s ministers on our refugee policy - The Globe https:/…
An update on our #GiveItUp4Peace Campaign, including our mid-campaign fundraiser! https://t.co/l87p5VQtTu
Great idea by @Better_Shelter! Spacious, secure refugee housing, built w/ refugee input, to be used by @UNHCRIraq https://t.co/k4Fm5IMS5X
Have you visited https://t.co/cPahUqpEi3 yet? Consider #GiveItUp4Peace for your #GivingTuesday! Huge TY to @EngageMassive for site design!
RT @ici_cb: La technologie au service des réfugiés. @francisplourde discute avec Renée Black @PeaceGeeks https://t.co/CTjrmPl6M0 https://t.…
Are you ready 2 #RHoK4Peace? We're looking 4 enthusiastic changemakers w/ diverse skill sets to join us this weekend https://t.co/Aw8bfFGGzf
Parlez-vous francais? Catch ED @reneeeblack in conversation w/ @francisplourde about our #RHoK4Peace hackathon https://t.co/5yeHVbx9om
What's @GivingTuesdayCA? A day dedicated 2 giving back. Watch their video 2 learn more https://t.co/dpwB9vLs0G #GiveItUp4Peace til Dec. 6!
The case against poverty porn: “We are all part of a global society and we can solve development problems together.” https://t.co/ExoNJ7yW8l
Amazing #GiveItUp4Peace match: every dollar you donate before Dec 6 will be doubled by the Black Family Foundation https://t.co/NDZDCOes5U
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