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Tomy Reyes

Tomy Reyes
Junior Full Stack Developer Geek

As part of the development team, Tomy helps create applications that bring value to immigrants and refugees. Tomy uses his experiences and knowledge in tech, law enforcement and social science to solve problems and explore new ideas.

Before venturing off into the technical industry, Tomy acquired a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology. Along with his education, he has spent time as a Canadian Border Services Officer and as a Research Assistant for the Youth Forensic Psychiatric Services Burnaby. Tomy also formerly taught students full-stack web development, as a Teaching Assistant at Brainstation.

PeaceGeeks represents everything Tomy was looking for when making a career change into tech. Helping make the world a better place through people and tech is his greatest aspiration.

The First of His Name, Writer of Code, Breaker of CSS, and Lead Developer of Bugs

Code, books, movies, TV shows, exercise

"You are who you choose to be." 

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