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Thair Al-Kiswani

Thair Al-Kiswani
Thair Al-Kiswani
Program Officer Geek - Meshkat Community

Managing the Digital Youth Network, coordinating all workshops and executing the operational plans of Meshkat Community through existing resources, Thair is our Program Officer leading development and digitization in Jordan. 

Before PeaceGeeks, Thair worked in the social sector for 5 years. He studied Communications at Tafila Technical University in Jordan, and worked on digitization of the social and humanitarian work in many local NGOs and international projects. 

Thair is driven to be part of PeaceGeeks because of its mission. He is passionate about its core goal of promoting digital engagement that aims for positive change.

The Digitization Superhero, the Green Multitasker

Digitizing things! Training! Coordinating social creative activities! Awareness campaigns!

"It's not our abilities that show what we truly are, it's our choices." 

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