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Tasneem Maabreh

Tasneem Ma'abreh
Tasneem Maabreh
Digital Engagement Geek - Meshkat Community

Managing all of Meshkat Community's social media platforms, website content and running the Artists-in-Residence program, Tasneem makes our projects in Jordan look online as great as they are in reality! Her specialties are engaging talented youth in the content creation process and giving our artists the best experience ever with Meshkat Community.

Prior to PeaceGeeks, Tasneem studied engineering, worked in a community-based organization in Jordan, and also has been a content writer for many years. She's passionate about writing and spends her time outside of PeaceGeeks learning, writing, and volunteering.

For Tasneem, being part of PeaceGeeks is the dream job! She says that at PeaceGeeks, she gets to do what she loves as a job... and what can be better than that? She has always been passionate about social media, writing, and community-led change. During university, she dedicated her learning and volunteering to these aspects, and now she has a job that encompasses all that she loves.

The Queen of Content

Writing, learning languages, films

"The major barrier to learning something new is not intellectual, it is emotional." 

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