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Simon Canning

Simon Canning
Vice Chair - Board of Directors

With 25 years of global business experience in various leadership roles, 7 concurrent years as a Board Director, and several years as a Chair in the nonprofit sector, Simon is PeaceGeeks' Board Chair who challenges our team to work in new ways that deliver the 'good' we wish to see in the world. 

Simon specializes in bringing strategic planning, business transformation, governance best practice and organizational design to every client project. He was the first President of Flight Centre in North America and subsequently spent 11 years in senior leadership positions with a global IT firm. He also worked several years as Director and Chair of a nonprofit organization and was integral to the transition of that organization from a volunteer centre to a social enterprise. He recruited 6 new board members, developed governance policy and practices congruent with the organization's philosophy, and raised the level of accountability at every level. 

For Simon, his drive to be part of PeaceGeeks comes from our central idea: using technology to connect vulnerable people with immediate professional help. 

Governance Trustee and Chief Culture Coach

"Attitude is a small thing that can make a big difference."

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