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Scott Blythe

Scott Blythe
Fundraising Geek

An expert advisor to PeaceGeeks' fundraising strategy as well as our resident positivity infuser, Scott is a talented stakeholder engagement and fundraising professional with almost 15 years of experience in post-secondary education, non-profit business development and governance. Scott’s keen ability to identify and establish shared goals within diverse working groups, helps both individuals and organizations establish benchmarks to better realize the full potential of their business objectives through tailor made engagement and fundraising strategies that ensure the right people and partners are at the table.

Scott has been instrumental developing models that support integrated engagement and fundraising goals to increase the participation, influence and investment of key stakeholders. Scott has built his unique skill set and expertise through diverse roles that increasingly allowed Scott the opportunity to work as a catalyst in organizational change.

Scott holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Saskatchewan, with a major in Archaeology, with a minor in Philosophy and for Scott, one aspect has always been a consistent part of his working life and that is that people need to be the light on their own path.

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