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Rasmus Storjohann

Rasmus Storjohann
Software Engineer Geek

Our in-house software engineer, Rasmus leads the development for PeaceGeeks' Services Advisor Pathways project, working with immigrants, refugees and settlement organizations to build a platform that strengthens newcomer experiences in Canada. Rasmus aims to help PeaceGeeks create agile software development processes that permit us to develop high quality software efficiently to solve our users' problems.

Before PeaceGeeks, Rasmus wrote software at UBC, Electronic Arts and most recently at Aquatic Informatics, where they just delivered the system that the US Geological Survey uses to collect and publish data continuously from 16,000 stream water monitoring stations all over the country.

Rasmus is part of PeaceGeeks because our work allows him to use his skills to solve a problem that he cares deeply about.

Creator and destroyer of bugs

Tech (obviously), politics, music and meditation

"Perfect is the enemy of good." 

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