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Lewis Evans

Lewis Evans
Former Board Director

Lewis has been a Board Director and volunteer with PeaceGeeks from 2011 to 2020. In the trenches since near the beginning, Lewis has been helping to define the right voice, message and perception of PeaceGeeks. He is a disruptor with a fresh perspective that has helped shaped PeaceGeeks' growth as an organization.

Lewis' background spans marketing, communications, and art, as well as several years working with the United Nations in Geneva, primarily on HIV/AIDs. Lewis has worked with some of the world's best-known brands, and he brings a unique mix of creative, artistic, and commercial skills to the work that he does, having successfully worked in a wide range of commercial and NGO situations. 

Through his experience, he has seen that commercial skills are worthless without humanity. Having previously been a part of several humanitarian projects, Lewis felt that PeaceGeeks was a natural fit for someone like him who can bring such skills to a worthwhile cause.

Brand champion

Finding creative ways to get outstanding results... with anything!

"Staying out of the box until they put me in one."

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