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Lauren Hyde

Lauren Hyde
Project Manager - Meshkat Community, Lead Research & Communications Geek

Managing key messaging and communications, and coordinating research projects and initiatives that underly our Arrival Advisor projects in Canada and our Meshkat Community project in Jordan -- Lauren is our chief word geek!

Lauren wrote her Masters' thesis on the importance of community capacity-building in mitigating the negative effects of conflict on human rights, and the role the global community plays in advocating for the rights of those living in regions shaped by long-term conflict. Lauren conducted her field work in the maternal healthcare sector in Palestine. Lauren's research contends that when intervening stakeholders engage with communities directly to achieve basic rights, such as healthcare, or access to technology, together local and global actors can begin to build a sustainable foundation towards the achievement of fundamental political and social rights.

Lauren is a bit of a nerd. That's actually a gross understatement. Lauren was born a nerd. She believes it is imperative to be a life-long learner, to keep an open mind, and to seek meaningful answers to thoughtful queries. The work we do at PeaceGeeks is built on a foundation of meticulous research and education on issues of technology, human rights, and current events, so that we can face challenges and solve problems with all the facts in hand, and affect positive and lasting change.

Calvin & Hobbes Aficionado and Crossword Nerd

Coffee, all things photography, and the two seasons (ski season and hiking season!)

"I have my Dad's old copy of "Desiderata," and I hang it on my bedroom wall wherever I go. It reminds you not just to be true to who you are, but also how to do so, even in an uncertain world. Words to live by, I tell ya.

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