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Kevin Nguyen

Kevin Nguyen
Former Board Director

Kevin has served as a Board Director for PeaceGeeks from 2016 to 2020. As our former Treasurer, Kevin was responsible for the oversight of PeaceGeeks' financial operations, including financial reporting, budgeting, and cash flow management, as well as educating the Board of Directors on matters of financial significance. Having joined PeaceGeeks in July 2016, Kevin brings over five years of experience working with local not-for-profit and charitable organizations in their development of internal financial controls.

Prior to PeaceGeeks, Kevin studied Business Administration at Simon Fraser University and went on to join KPMG in their corporate finance practice. He now works at TELUS as the Corporate Development Manager, where he advises on corporate strategic initiatives focused on growth and productivity improvement.

PeaceGeeks' work with the UNHCR and refugees hits close to home for Kevin, whose parents were refugees after the Vietnam War. He is particularly motivated to help PeaceGeeks achieve its goals in any way he can to help families just like his.

VP of Mental Math, Chief Frugal Officer

The Microsoft Office suite, cooking shows, shiba inus

"That itch you feel that says you should be doing more is often a sign that you have a lot to offer to the world, so get out there and do your part. If it's not that, then you should probably see a dermatologist." 

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