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Jennifer Sandoval

Jennifer Sandoval
Corporate Secretary

As our steadfast Corporate Secretary, Jennifer nimbly handles communications between the board, management and members, coordinating all of our board meetings, agendas and minutes. She also oversees the maintenance of documentation and compliance issues.

With a background in law, Jennifer did extensive research on International Human Rights laws in law school, as well as worked as a criminal prosecutor in Seattle, WA. Jennifer also brings immense experience volunteering for non-profit organizations in the US, Canada, India and the Philippines. She is currently working as a sustainability consultant to the film and TV industry in BC.

Jennifer doesn't like to brag, but she will admit that her passion to bring about change and make a difference through vision, strategy and communication helps her to be a stand up citizen. She believes that the keys to success are hard work, creativity, the ability to collaborate and share ideas, and especially to learn from one's mistakes. She is excited to work with PeaceGeeks to support its mission and work to promote peace and human rights both here in Canada and abroad.

Change Agent

Law; sustainability; human rights; sports (primarily soccer and college basketball); karaoke and music in general; Marvel comics; New York Times crossword puzzles; six-word memoirs

"In our globalizing and often misunderstood world, acceptance and tolerance of others are key to true progress. Technology is an effective tool to advance these efforts. Supporting an organization like PeaceGeeks makes me feel like I am contributing to something that can directly and truly bring about peace to our complex world.  I am inspired by the work and dedication by PeaceGeeks and its volunteers to promote the advancement of human rights by providing the tools to equip others to help themselves bring change and to better their lives." 

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