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Ian Lin

Ian Lin
Junior Full Stack Developer Geek

As a member of our development team, Ian works primarily on the Arrival Advisor app. His responsibilities include triaging QA issues, fixing bugs, and identifying and fixing UX and content issues.

On a typical day, Ian collaborates with other members of our full-stack agile team to understand user requirements and plan, prioritize, estimate, implement, test and deploy features in the app. He is also our resident Jenga master (read: always taking one for the team so no one else has to topple the Jenga tower) and enjoys coming up with big techie words to describe the work that he does. Ian joined PeaceGeeks because of his interest in technological impact and positive social change.

Ian started his post-secondary studies in Psychology before pursuing a second degree in Computer Science. He has done internships in tech and research in psychology labs. When he isn't working, Ian's known to occasionally contribute his coding skills for psychology experiments.

Rubber Duck, Diagram Decoder, Explorer of Database

Nintendo, Musicals, Saving Money

"The only valid measurement of code quality = WTFs/minute

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