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Farouk Alsajee

Farouk Alsajee
Software Developer Intern
As a Software Developer Intern, Farouk collaborates with other members of the full stack agile team to understand user requirements and plan, prioritize, estimate, implement, test, and deploy features in the app. He also works closely with the Design team to create prototypes for new projects or features as well as assisting with other PeaceGeeks technical needs as required.
Prior to PeaceGeeks, Farouk worked as a Business Specialist with Immigrant Services Society of BC while studying software Development at BCIT and later at Lighthouse Labs!
Farouk is passionate about the work PeaceGeeks does in using technology for peacebuilding and social change.

Certified Code Stitcher — as endorsed by the Geeky Blinders.

The transcending effect of using similarly-tuned double strings on the Oud instrument. MENA politics, and cleantech.


"War does not determine who is right - only who is left." -Bertrand Russell

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