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Erin Kingston

Erin Kingston
Corporate Opportunities Geek (Volunteer)

Erin is a technology entrepreneur creating stakeholder value for companies as both a strategic and hands-on business leader for large scale software projects and business development opportunities. She brings executive leadership, working as a VP for the past 20 years, to companies in Vancouver spearheading product marketing teams in the banking, wireless and web identity software sectors. Her current role as a VP for a Canadian brand focuses on developing strategic US partnerships, scaling e-commerce platform and building brand awareness. She also focuses her off work energy on mentoring women in STEM and making a ripple in the sea of climate action.

At PeaceGeeks, Erin is our creator of corporate opportunities. She engages corporate leaders and communicating the value of merging their corporate social responsibility with PeaceGeeks' technology innovation to positively impact peace and human rights in Canada and around the globe. She elevates the local, national and international impact of PeaceGeeks' projects to leaders and employees of those same companies.

What drives Erin to be part of PeaceGeeks? In her words: "PeaceGeeks supports a world that works for everyone. The culture embraces technology innovation as a powerful force to grow social entrepreneurship and promote peace and human rights for all. Business action is a wonderful catalyst to create social wealth and PeaceGeeks has the blueprint to make it happen."

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