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Deniz A. Soykurum Cetin

Deniz Cetin
Deniz A. Soykurum Cetin
Project Management Geek

Deniz is the Project Manager of PeaceGeeks' Canada portfolio, leading projects including the Arrival Advisor app, Snapp and Settlement 2.0. Her role centers around showing love and compassion to all the projects and tasks, being part of an amazing team, and building peace one project at a time together. Deniz works with the team on a daily basis, solving problems and making decisions to move forward. 

Prior to PeaceGeeks, Deniz managed a wide range of projects from simulators to game development platforms, photo/video applications to teaching apps. Her experience includes fifteen years of technical project management in the private sector focusing on software development and mobile applications. She has an entrepreneurial spirit, being founder of two start-ups. Deniz holds a Bachelor of Science from Middle East Technical University on Electrics and Electronics Engineering with a focus on Computers. She has been a PMI certified PMP since 2008.

Deniz sees that innovation is the DNA of PeaceGeeks. She is passionate about driving forward PeaceGeeks projects that look for ways to do things better, help others, build peace, share information, and reach out to immigrants and refugees all over the world.

World builder, game changer, jack of all trades.

Being a board game geek, sci-fi freak, and app programmer in her spare time

"Whatever you're meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible." - Doris Lessing 

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