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Dana Salih

Dana Salih
Program Coordinator (Jordan) - Meshkat Community

Based in Amman, Jordan, Dana is the Program Coordinator for Meshkat Community. Meshkat Community is PeaceGeeks' project that aims to prevent violent extremism by collaborating with local Jordanian artists, activists, cultural content producers and at-risk youth to develop and amplify alternative narratives that promote peace and dialogue. Dana provides support to the team through assessment, planning, monitoring and documentation, capacity building support through organizing workshops, and coordinating with local partners to implement the project.

At PeaceGeeks, Dana brings a passion for supporting and advocating for human rights and environmental issues. Her past experience includes working with youth as an advocacy trainer, as well as drafting laws amendments and performing political research for some of the Jordanian Members of Parliament. Dana holds a degree in Political Science.

Jordan Program Jedi

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"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does." — William James 

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