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Cherrie Lam

Cherrie Lam
Lead Design Geek

As PeaceGeeks' Design Lead, Cherrie works across all stages of product design, from product thinking, user research to UX/UI design. Her primary focuses are PeaceGeeks' Arrival Advisor app and Snapp, through which she engages with newcomers and settlement workers to turn their challenges and insights into impactful user experiences that help new immigrants and refugees to Canada find the services and information they need. Cherrie also manages PeaceGeeks' branding and codes emails and annual reports for fun.

Cherrie has worn many hats at PeaceGeeks, including coordinating our #GiveItUp4Peace fundraising campaign, running our PeaceTalks speaker series, and managing our digital marketing.

Prior to PeaceGeeks, Cherrie studied International Relations, did field research in Ethiopia on civil unrest surrounding presidential term limit extensions, and coordinated province-wide data collection and mapping for the BC Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC)'s map of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Her passion for PeaceGeeks comes from the ability to bridge her passions for tech and global peace and security.

Executive Curator of Emojis and GIFs (pronounced with a hard 'g') and Doer of All Things

Making things from scratch, traveling solo, obscure-ish electronica, muay thai, and other people's passion projects

"Here we are is all we have. But living is an incredible thing, just to have been here, to have felt, if only briefly, the volume and depth of others' empathy." — Chanel Miller quotes Ram Dass in her memoir, Know My Name

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