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Cherrie Lam

Cherrie Lam
Digital Projects Geek

Designing graphics, coordinating communications, engaging donors and managing the team—Cherrie is akin to a chameleon that works fluidly across our projects and internal operations (while constantly trying to decipher her job description).

Prior to PeaceGeeks, Cherrie studied International Relations at the University of British Columbia. She complemented her degree with field research in Ethiopia on civil unrest surrounding presidential term limit extensions. She also worked with the BC Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC), collecting data and coordinating province-wide public engagement with community-level stakeholders on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

At PeaceGeeks, Cherrie bridges her passions for global humanitarian issues and technology. In addition to overseeing PeaceGeeks' brand (a.k.a. making things pretty and nitpicking about how to properly spell 'PeaceGeeks'),  Cherrie is presently the UX/UI designer for the Services Advisor Pathways project.  She also supports the Jordan project through researching women's roles in violent extremism and its prevention. Within our daily operations, Cherrie maintains the donor stewardship strategy, assists with managing the staff team and onboarding, and picks up a diversity of tasks that fall in between.

Executive Curator of Emojis and GIFs (pronounced with a hard 'g') and Doer of All Things

Walking everywhere (and convincing others to come with), traveling solo, organizing things in Github, rather obscure electronica, mural hunting

"I can probably finish a bowl of pho faster than you." 

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