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Ashiq Ahamed

Ashiq Ahamed
Ashiq Ahamed
Chair - Board of Directors

Ashiq is the Chair of the Board of Directors at PeaceGeeks and head of the Board Selection Committee. He focuses on compliance and governance, as well as working with the treasurer on oversight of financial operations.

Having joined PeaceGeeks in July 2018, Ashiq brings over five years of experience working with not-for-profit and charitable organizations in their development of board governance and financial oversight. Ashiq was drawn to PeaceGeeks due to their focus on implementing projects that build safer and more stable societies, specifically around connecting displaced and conflict-affected communities as Ashiq's family was displaced from Uganda in the 1970's and were refugees that eventually integrated into society in the UK, and then eventually Canada.

Ashiq is a Management Consultant and a Tech Leader based in Vancouver. He works with companies focusing on business transformation, strategic planning, and technology implementation. Ashiq is also heavily involved in the tech space in Vancouver as an angel investor, mentor, and co-founder of brewhound — the Happy Hour app.

Before PeaceGeeks, Ashiq was involved with the Boards of the Pacific Assistance Docs Society and the Vancouver Artisan Farmers Market Association.

Governance Czar

All things tech!

"The only constant in life is change.

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