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Aron Chen

Aron Chen
Design Intern Geek

As our Design Intern, Aron supports the UX research and design for PeaceGeeks' platforms, such as the Arrival Advisor app, while also creating promotional material for our projects and initiatives. He is notorious for his ability to quickly come up with an expansive array of ideas, as well as always advocating for solutions that put the community front and centre. He thrives on bringing joy to others and appreciates that PeaceGeeks empowers him to do just that!

Before his time at PeaceGeeks, Aron studied Interactive Art and Technology at Simon Fraser University, where he specialized in design. He also worked at Visier previously as a User Experience Design Intern. Aron is driven to work on projects that bring positive societal impact. He has a personal project where he is working on a platform for individuals dealing with grief, and is also volunteering to work on a tool that helps connect university students to mental health resources. 

Outside of PeaceGeeks, Aron enjoys challenging his friends and colleagues to the occasional basketball game. He is also a big fan of bubble tea tasting (which is definitely a thing).

Emotional Design Enthusiast

Building products that can positively transform people's lives, but also bubble tea!

"It is in our hands to shape humanity's course toward a world where every individual's most basic needs are met." 

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