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Alysha Baratta

Alysha Baratta
Product Manager
As Product Manager, Alysha is responsible for creating & managing the product roadmap for Arrival Advisor, prioritizing newcomers' user experience, communicating priorities internally and externally. She designs research questions and engages the team in continous user discovery, to constantly understand their pain points and needs. Alysha has an eye on the product backlog, the future-log, and everything in-between.
Prior to PeaceGeeks, Alysha was the Social Innovations Hub lead at Options Community Services, contributing to research and design projects with newcomers to Canada. She led a team to deliver newcomer-facing products such as and Her Master's in Human Geography from the University of South Carolina shaped her lens of questioning power structures, striving for equity, and continual unlearning of white supremacy ingrained in individuals & societies across the world.
Alysha applies her insatiable need to understand what motivates people to build solutions that address global displacement. She applies her penchant for creativity, connection, and organizing to facilitate mutual understanding between humans, making micro-impacts to contribute to macro ecosystems of peace.

Convener of Spirits and Minds; Creator and Closer of Issues

UX-ing daily life interactions, socio-linguistics, creative nonfiction writing, nutty desserts which dance dangerously on the salty-sweet boundary


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