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Aid Watch Palestine

Crisis Overview

On July 8th 2014, Israel launched an attack on Gaza, followed by seven weeks of bombardment. On August 26th, a cease-fire was declared. Over 2,200 people were killed. In Gaza, more than 100,000 homes were destroyed, along with hospitals, schools, and water facilities. Tens of thousands of Palestinians continue to live without homes or shelter of any kind. In October, the international community pledged $5.4 billion in aid for Gaza’s reconstruction. To date, almost no aid has been delivered, and no reconstruction has taken place. Meanwhile, people are out of work, students are out of school, the economy is failing, the cost of food is high, and Gaza is on the brink of collapse.

What They Do

Aid Watch Palestine was initiated in 2014 in response to disappearing aid. Their goal is to restructure the international aid system by improving access, transparency, and accountability of donors. They believe aid will empower Palestinians and promote peaceful resolution. First and foremost, AWP is helping rebuild Gaza. They hold meetings and workshops to raise awareness, and train local writers to share stories with the rest of the world about people living without homes or shelter. The organization is also compiling information about the trajectory of all international aid to Palestine since October 2012. With this information, they hope to liberate aid so that it can actually help people.

Our Impact

PeaceGeeks’ involvement with AWP in 2014, when it was still very much a start-up project, allowed us to help document and prioritize their essential requirements. We helped enable the organization to better craft their message and define their project goals. This, in turn, helped AWP connect more effectively with local, regional, and international partners. By the end of 2014, PeaceGeeks had partially completed AWP’s website discovery process and initial concepts for a new logo. We continue to partner with each other.

Working with PeaceGeeks, has been an AMAZING experience, they succeeded in translating our vision, thoughts and objectives into beautiful website design that reflects the spirit of our initiative and captures the core ideas we're interested to convey. They pay attention to the smallest details while keeping in mind the overarching message, in their own creative, sensitive and proactive way. Today, amidst the excitement of launching the website, I feel proud and confident that we have an excellent one!

Nora Lester Murad, Aid Watch Co-Founder
Deliverables Summary

PeaceGeeks Contributors

Magdi Rizkallah - Projects Director - Katherine Dodds - Brand Advisor - Renee Black -Project Manager - Neeveen Bhadur - Graphic Designer - Michelle Yong - Graphic Designer - Maggie Wang - Graphic Designer

Aid Watch Palestine Contributors

Nora Murad Co-Founder - Mohanad Berekdar Executive Director - Abed Khooli Information Management - Samer Hijazi Beyond Design Developer - Khaled Shihabi Beyond Design Developer - Mohammed Rimawi - Beyond Design Developer

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