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Random Hacks of Kindness

Crisis Overview

Many of today's social challenges have solutions that can be strengthened by technical and communications soluitons. However, non-profit organizations rarely have the financial resources or in-house talent needed to get these tools developed. In addition, many tech developers and communications gurus want to contribute their skills and time to projects that respond to critical challenges facing humanity today.

What They Do

Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) is a global movement that connects developers from around the world with local non-profit organizations to help solve technological challenges. RHoK's objective is to bring together subject matter experts around disaster management and crisis response with volunteer software developers and designers.

Our Impact

PeaceGeeks has hosted two RHoK hackathon events in Vancouver. The first event occurred in December, 2012 and was also the first RHoK to be held in Vancouver. It helped provide digital tool and technical support for organizations such as HarassMap, Isis International, Canada Without Poverty and Five Hole for Food.

In April, 2015, PeaceGeeks hosted RHoK 4 Peace, which featured projects benefitting humanitarian organizations from around the world, including the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization, Aid Watch Palestine and Nakuru Gender-Based Violence Network.

RHOK Vancouver was a great Success!

How do you hack for humanity?

Start by bringing together the lower mainland’s best hackers with amazing charitable and non-profit organizations in need of innovative technology solutions. Add in some tasty locally sourced food, awesome prizes, and enthusiastic sponsors. What you get is a spark of creativity that changes the world.

Vancouver’s first Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK), presented by EMC, which finished on Sunday, December 2nd, was undeniably a resounding success. This two-day hackathon saw about 45 volunteer technologists, web developers, programmers, and graphic designers collaborate to find tech solutions for local and international charities and non-profit organizations. The Vancouver event was just one of over 30 simultaneous events in cities around the world, from Sydney and Bangalore to Cape Town and Berlin.

RHoK (pronounced “rock”) focuses on creating open source technology solutions to real problems for real people. Project partner organizations and stakeholders are on hand throughout the event to guide each hacker team, ensuring that the solution has a high probability of successful implementation. Held twice a year, this was the 6th RHoK hackathon worldwide; however, it was the first time Vancouver participated, thanks to the hosting efforts of PeaceGeeks, a local startup non-profit focused on the promotion of peace through creative technology solutions and partnerships with grassroots organizations worldwide.

RHoK Vancouver kicked off on Friday, November 30th at HiVE Vancouver with presentations from eight organizations looking for tech assistance: Transformation Projects, HiVE Vancouver, HarassMap, Canada Without Poverty, Isis International, Five Hole for Food, and the Wilderness Committee. To see a full description of the projects, visit

Participants listened to each organization while enjoying a donated ale from Granville Island Brewery. Each presenter had a 3-minute pitch and 2 minutes for Q&A with the crowd as a whole. Afterward, participants had a chance to chat with each presenter, as well as sponsor representatives from EMC and Informatica.

On Saturday morning, participants arriving at GrowLab were greeted with fresh Ethical Bean coffee and a continental breakfast. Teams self-organized based on which problems had the most interest. Participants then took to their chosen projects with vigor and enthusiasm that lasted through to 11:30pm! Lunch, dinner and other refreshments were provided throughout the day thanks to our sponsors. To keep the energy levels high, a live DJ provided tunes and sponsored prizes were randomly drawn.

The hackers made a final push of coding and documenting on Sunday, with presentations starting promptly at the 4pm deadline. A guest panel of judges, including one of RHoK’s original founders Todd Khozein of Second Muse and EMC sponsor representative Gerry D’Costa, reviewed the solutions from the five project teams with working prototypes. Everyone was thrilled with the high level of quality and creativity across the board, and the judges had their work cut out in selecting a single winner for top prize.

The judges awarded first place to the team for Transformation Projects’ Open Vancouver initiative. Team members were Naoya Makino, Hicham Rafi, Graham Douglas, Murad Habibi, Yaniv Talmor, and project lead Adrian Sinclair. Second place was awarded to the HiVE Vancouver team; third place to the HarassMap team.

Just because the event ended, however, does not mean that the work is over. All prototype solutions presented on Friday show a clear path forward to implementation, and many of the volunteers are eager to refine and launch version 1.0 of their work. All teams submitted their code and written project descriptions to the RHoK database. Moreover, a team of videographers was on hand Sunday afternoon to interview participants while the work was still fresh in their minds. Stay tuned to our website ( and the RHoK global site ( for more updates on the solutions in action.

All in all, it was an amazing weekend. Thanks to all the participants, the RHoK global team, the local organizing committee, and day volunteers for making this event such a success. Of course, none of it would have been possible without our sponsors: EMCInformaticaGrowLabEthical Bean, andGranville Island Brewery -- thank you for your tremendous support!

Dec 5, 2012

Random Hacks of Kindness Vancouver, Presented by EMC

Guest Speaker:
Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30 6:30PM ; Dec 2 6:00PM
HiVE Vancouver

What is Random Hacks of Kindness?

Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) is a global movement that connects developers from around the world with local non-profit organizations to help solve technological challenges. This year, PeaceGeeks is excited to host the first RHoK event in Vancouver, presented by EMC.

The Vancouver event will open the evening of November 30th with a reception and project presentation. This will be followed by a two-day hackathon on Saturday December 1 and Sunday December 2. We expect to have between 80 and 100 developers, designers and project participants helping on up to 10 different projects that help to solve technology and communications challenges for non-profit organization both in Vancouver and around the world.


What makes it global?

The Vancouver event will occur in tandem with events in over 20 cities around the world with more than 1000 participants working on different projects.


Who should participate in RHoK?

You should participate in RHoK Vancouver if you are passionate about using technology to help solve real world problems and if you have the following skills:

  • developer/ programmer (games, websites, software, mobile apps, etc.)
  • designer (web, games, apps, user interface, user experience expert, etc.)
  • project analysts (project managers, quality assurance testers, process mappers, etc.)
  • communications experts (copy writers, social media gurus, etc.)
  • other skills that might help to create awesome projects


How it will work?

  • Project submissions: Starting in November, the RHoK Vancouver team recruited potential projects for the event on December. A projects team worked with partners to clearly define and refine both the problem and potential solution.
  • Project presentations: On Friday November 30, participants will be invited to the opening event reception. During the reception, representatives from up to 10 non-profit organizations will present their organization, problem and proposed project to participants. Following the presentations, participants will decide which project they will work on over the course of the weekend.
  • Project execution: On Saturday and Sunday (December 1st and 2nd), participants will work on the project they have chosen until 5pm on Sunday evening. We will then give each team 5 minutes to present their project to the group. A panel of judges will award prizes to the top 3 teams.  


What projects have been accepted for RHoK Vancouver?

Participants will have the opportunity to sign up to projects supporting PeaceGeek partners as well as projects for local non-profit organizations in Vancouver, BC and Canada. The following projects have been accepted for this RHoK:


PeaceGeek Projects/ Partners

HarassMap: Website & harassment reporting app (PeaceGeeks) -

Isis International: Activist School site/ Women Peacebuilders Platform (PeaceGeeks) -

Hive Vancouver: Website & resource management app (PeaceGeeks) -


Other Projects

Canada without Poverty: Document Library -

Transformation Projects: Open Vancouver

Five Hole for Food: App for supporting food banks - 

Sum of us/ WCWC: mobile Enbridge tanker game - Learning module interface & database -

Who are our event sponsors (so far)?

We are very grateful to the following sponsors for helping us to make this event possible:


Global RHoKstar -- Title Sponsor: EMC



RHoKstar Extraordinaire: Informatica



RHoK & Roller: GrowLab (Venue Sponsor)



Little RHoKers:






Arc Touch Wireless Mouse

Arc Touch Wireless Keyboard

2 Xbox games

Office Pro 2010

Windows 7 Home Premium

$150 Gift Certificate
$100 Gift Certificate
$100 Gift Certificate
5 Day Hot Desk Pass
Custom Cellphone Toque

2 Limited Edition Firefox 
Rickshaw Swag Bags

$25 Gift Certificate


Sauerkraut Fermenter

8 Bags of Coffee
with Reusable Sacks

2 Sweaters

2 T-shirts

2 Umbrellas


Nov 9, 2012
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