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Libyan Youth Movement

Crisis Overview

Before the Libyan civil war in 2011, the state was in control of all major media outlets, directly owning many newspaper publications. This enabled Qaddafi’s regime to censor all media in order to prevent slander towards the government.  When anti-government protests broke out in February 2011, Libyan security forces responded with violent actions against the demonstrators. They also used this as an opportunity to demonstrate the consequences of protesting against the government, broadcasting the events on national television. The government continued to manipulate the media, which left gaps of information on what was happening on the ground and the criminal activities carried out by government actors. 

What They Do

The Libyan Youth Movement (LYM) or ShababLibya is a youth-led and youth-focused online and social media-based initiative established in 2011, before the Libyan uprising. LYM has successfully reported live and verified accounts from the ground using Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. The organization consolidated a wide network of contacts and collaborators and facilitated hundreds of interviews and reports by connecting international media-such as the BBC, CNN, CBC, Channel 4, Al Jazeera, ABC- with sources on the ground. Their goal is to fill the media and information void that existed to ensure that the brutal crackdowns of the regime would not go unwitnessed. 

Our Impact

PeaceGeeks is currently creating a website for LYM to increase their online presence. Visitors will be able to access their latest content, understand what is happening on the ground and can serve as a public forum in conjunction with their social media platforms. 

PeaceGeeks Contributors

  • Inderpreet Singh, Project Coordinator
  • Magdi Rizkallah, Projects Director
  • Amelia Sutjiadi Graphic Designer


Libyan Youth Movement Contributors

  • Ayat Mneina, Co-founder
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