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Dylan Waisman

Dylan Waisman
Situation Report Writer

Dylan is currently a law student at Nottingham Trent University in the UK, and next year she is studying on exchange at Radboud University in the Netherlands. Her studies focus on European and Human Rights law. Since the beginning of High School, Dylan has been passionate about human rights and international relations, and has known that she one day wants to work in the realm of social justice on a global scale, and PeaceGeeks has been the perfect introduction.  

Dylan joined PeaceGeeks as a volunteer journalist, and writes pieces ranging from newsletter articles to political reports. In particular, she is involved with one project located in Burundi, and she writes reports on the electoral crisis, which are sent bi-weekly to the African Union. She is making a difference by writing factual accounts of the current events on the ground in Burundi, while the majority of other news sources in that locality are heavily restricted. Dylan has learned a great deal from her time volunteering with PeaceGeeks, and is so grateful for the opportunity to be involved with such a meaningful project.

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