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#GiveItUp4Peace Kick-Off Party

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Sep 23, 2016
HiVE Vancouver

What will YOU Give Up for Peace?

PeaceGeeks is launching our second annual #GiveItUp4Peace campaign and we want you to join us to kick off the campaign!

Join us for beer, appies, conversation and hear fellow participants pledge what they're Giving Up for Peace and how your hard earned fundraising dollars can help support millions more refugees around the world!

Last year, #GiveItUp4Peace raised over $46,000 which allowed PeaceGeeks to deploy the Services Advisor web application in Jordan that empowers more than 655,000 refugees under its mandate by connecting them to information on critical life-saving and sustaining services such as food, shelter, and sanitation.

PeaceGeeks has received requests from UNHCR in Somalia and Turkey to launch Services Advisor in those countries, which support more than 7 million refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs). Now, we need your help to make these requests a reality. Your support this year will help PeaceGeeks to create and maintain better tools to help refugees address the most significant humanitarian crisis in history.

Join us for our annual #GiveItUp4Peace Campaign and help PeaceGeeks to raise $50,000 so we can help those displaced by conflict to improve their own lives through better access to critical services.

Did we mention there will be beer?!

Tickets Available by Donation to PeaceGeeks - please note donations over $20 are eligible for a tax receipt.

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Sep 12, 2016
Category: Fundraising
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7 PM to 10 PM

PeaceGeeks Team Takes on TechPong 2015!

A team of PeaceGeeks attended TechPongYVR 2015 to cheer on our generous sponsors: Hootsuite, Appnovation, Slack and! One of our volunteers, Adam, wrote up a blog about the experience:

Being a newbie on the PeaceGeeks scene, I will admit that my initial reaction when invited to TechPong was, “Um..yeah OK, but what is it exactly?” Not one to turn down a new experience, I agreed to join a team of fellow PeaceGeeks to cheer on our sponsors, Hootsuite, Appnovation and, and see what the hype was all about!

I soon learnt that the evening was to entail lots of beer, entertainment and a serious throw-back to glorious 80s tennis fashion. More crucially, we were to witness some serious tech-on-tech table tennis action.

We at PeaceGeeks took the Royal Tenenbaum dress code to heart. While I went as one of the more conservatively dressed characters, Henry Sherman, Renee looked as though she walked off the set in her best Margot Tenenbaum costume. It was clearly track pants, short shorts and sweatbands that were TechPong vogue.

The intriguing Imperial Theatre was the venue and the vibe was electric, buzzing with Vancouver’s brightest young tech talent. Beer was flowing, music was pumping and the matches were intense. Some serious ping pong skill was being flexed on the floor with six simultaneous matches. The tournament featured singles and doubles teams from our favourite tech companies as they battled it out round after round to the screams and cheers of their adoring fans.

We applauded and cheered as our favourite teams fought neck and neck against other tech firms endeavouring to secure ping pong victory, bragging rights and a tidy sum for the winner's charity of choice.

It was fantastic for PeaceGeeks to be invited to this exciting event and to be able to support our tech friends - Appnovation, Hootsuite and - while they did their bit to raise money for a cause we are so passionately aligned with. We were also thrilled to welcome Slack as new tech sponsor - – they approached us during the event to become our most recent beneficiary!

Ultimately, it was an incredibly fun and positive evening to be a part of but perhaps what was more rewarding was to witness our city’s tech community join forces, using their creativity and energy, to have an amazing +$70,000 impact on the global human rights movement!

PeaceGeeks is deeply thankful to our beneficiaries – Appnovation, HootSuite, and Slack – who raised a combined $12,000 through TechPong! What a phenomenal start to our crowdfunding campaign! We are continuing our fundraising efforts throughout November and into December with an emphasis on helping refugees. For more information on our current campaign, please visit

Oct 28, 2015
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