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Tiago Palma

Tiago Palma

Born in Toronto and raised in Portugal, Tiago is a graduate from the School for International Studies at Simon Fraser University, where he studied and developed a great interest for international security, development and human rights. His biggest dream is to one day work at the United Nations, where he believes he can help shape the world into a better place.

Tiago’s passion for international development and human rights led him to volunteer at PeaceGeeks, where his eagerness to help made him join the Digital-Communications team and the Emergency Response team. During the summer of 2015, Tiago interned with the Executive team, where his resourcefulness and adaptability allowed him to be involved in a multitude of administrative roles within PeaceGeeks.

Tiago shares PeaceGeeks’ belief in the changing power of global civil societies and believes that he’s making a difference by assisting PeaceGeeks in its efforts to support the causes of grassroots organizations in developing nations.

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