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Maggie Wang (CGD)

Maggie Wang (CGD)
Graphic Design

Maggie J.H. Wang, born in Taipei, Taiwan, is a communications designer in Vancouver BC. As an accomplished illustrator and designer, Maggie worked at a number of leading design firms and agencies in both Taiwan and Canada. Maggie is a member of Canada’s Professional Association for Design. She is currently studying Digital Design at Vancouver Film School in order to extend her knowledge in user experience design (UX), user interface design (UI), and motion graphics. Maggie enjoys solving challenges with clarity and simplicity. “When creating graphic art, I seek out the spiritual aspects that are inherent in life, and translate them into images that speak to a diverse audience.”

Maggie loves working with people and organizations that are connected to their own creativity in their support for good causes around the world. PeaceGeek is one of them. She joined PeaceGeeks as the lead graphic designer for the Aid Watch Palestine project in March 2015. She feels honoured to be part of the PeaceGeeks family.

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Layne Carson

Layne Carson
Content Team Lead

Layne is a recent graduate of the school for International Studies at Simon Fraser University. She studied economic development, poverty alleviation, and access to justice. Next year, she will start the PDP program at SFU to become a French-immersion elementary school teacher. Layne has a passion for education and development, which she aims to combine to promote access to education for underprivileged children.

Layne joined PeaceGeeks as a blog writer because she loves to write about global issues. She was especially excited to be part of an organization that believes in lending support to grassroots movements in conflict areas. Since being a blog writer, she has worked on writing and editing content for PeaceGeeks’ new website. Layne is making a difference by honing PeaceGeeks’ message to appeal to local donors.

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