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We empower grassroots organizations and marginalized communities to strengthen peace, accountability and human rights at home

Our partners are community leaders, activists and peacebuilders who aim to affect change at home in their communities.

Tech Capacities Projects

These programs are designed to equip our partners with the tools and skills they need to engage effectively with technology, advance their work and respond to important issues in their communities.

Phase 1

We connect with partners to identify their needs and develop technology solutions to help advance their goals.

Phase 2

Our creative team produces powerful branding and graphics to help build effective organizational identity.

Phase 3

Our projects team works with our partners to co-develop and execute the agreed plan.

Phase 4

We train our partners to ensure the successful sustainability of the project after launch.

Phase 5

Our online support team continues to provide support and training once projects have been launched.

Public Engagement

Raising Awareness through Events and News

PeaceGeeks hosts and facilitates events designed to engage skilled volunteers, the corporate sector and academic institutions in raising public awareness and engagement on international peace and human rights issues. We also curate and distribute news reports to help stimulate awareness and action, especially on issues that may not be covered extensively by mainstream media but are, nevertheless, extremely important to publicize.

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Creating understanding through live dialogue with PeaceTalks

Our signature product, PeaceTalks, regularly brings together experts on a wide variety of subjects that reflect the work of PeaceGeeks, to tell their stories from the field, inform and educate and stimulate constructive discussion. Topics covered to date have ranged across a wide humanitarian spectrum including children in mining, homes for Syrian refugees, the Ebola crisis, conflict rape, poverty, women’s rights, foreign elections monitoring and much more. PeaceTalks are typically held once a month in Vancouver.

For details of upcoming PeaceTalks and to access past events, click here.

Working with organizations to stimulate action

PeaceGeeks works with organizations that want to engage a speaker or run an event that helps build awareness of peace, accountability and human rights concerns and solutions. Whether you wish to create a one-off event, or an ongoing employee engagement programme, with all the benefits that can bring, we can help. We work extensively with UN agencies and complementary NGOs, and of course we partner with many grassroots organizations internationally, to provide our services. Take advantage of our deep and wide-ranging experience, as well as our technical expertise, to facilitate a powerful and worthwhile project, fundraiser or programme that will deliver much-needed support to communities that need it most, as well as meaning, motivation and satisfaction to your people.

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