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We prioritize the use of open source and open knowledge software with our partner organizations. Our aim is to promote universal access to sustainable technology.

PeaceGeeks commits to prioritizing the development and deployment of open source tools, knowledge and skills to our partners, so they and other non-profit organizations can securely leverage technology for social change. 


Amani is a simple open source 'website-in-a-box' tool that PeaceGeeks has created to help make it easier for other non-profit organizations to get online, collect data, share information and engage communities.


Services Advisor is an easy-to-use web app for mobile and desktop that is used by Syrian refugees and humanitarian service providers to improve access to information on services available to refugees. 

Because there is no single, platform that can speak for all South Sudanese friends about atrocities committed in the conflict, there cannot be a single, absolute answer to any question that begins with the quest for accountability, but CEPO has been doing great and consistent monitoring work using the mapping tool of our website, which keeps on informing the whole country and the diaspora community about incidents that have occurred in the country.

, Community Empowerment for Progress Organization
Learn more about the partnership with Community Empowerment for Progress Organization here.