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The Pathways app aims to welcome refugees and immigrants in Canada by helping them navigate their most urgent needs.
About Pathways

In 2017, PeaceGeeks launched the Pathways project to build an all-encompassing app that fast-tracks newcomers in Canada to successful resettlement, by connecting newcomers with a personalized directory of settlement services tailored to their needs, circumstances and stages of settlement.

PeaceGeeks Pathways project
The Challenge
Canada is set to welcome 300,000 immigrants every year. But how well are we supporting newcomers after they arrive? According to the Vancouver Immigrant Survey, 1 in 3 immigrants remain unaware of their available services. In Metro Vancouver, a region that has seen a 20 fold increase in immigration since 2001, newcomers express overwhelm in navigating the services they need. Access to information for newcomers was identified by 7 municipal districts across Metro Vancouver as a top barrier for immigrant resettlement in 2016.
The Project
Designed alongside immigrants, refugees, community service providers and coordinating organizations, PeaceGeeks is building an app that helps newcomers more effectively navigate their resettlement experience before and after arriving in Canada, bridging current gaps in timely and actionable information. The app will be piloted in Metro Vancouver with plans to scale to BC and across Canada. 153,000 new immigrants currently live in Metro Vancouver. It is also home to Canada’s second largest and growing immigrant population.
PeaceGeeks wins Impact Challenge
Funded by

In 2017, PeaceGeeks won $750,000 to launch the Pathways project by placing in the top 5 for the Impact Challenge among over 900 Canadian nonprofits.

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About the Product Multilingual Personalized Actionable Up-to-dateSecure
About the Product
Pathways is currently in the pilot development phase. The app is slated to launch late 2018. Stay tuned!
Product Feature: Multilingual Interface
The app's content will be translated to major newcomer languages to ensure its accessibility across diverse immigrant groups.
Product Feature: Personalized Content
The app helps newcomers identify their most relevant services and information using information on their circumstances and needs, e.g. how long they have been to Canada.
Product Feature: Actionable Content
The app helps newcomers to navigate their settlement journey step-by-step by providing intuitive recommendations of the tasks they should take next.
Product Feature: Up-to-date Data
The app centralizes data on settlement and community services and works with service providers to ensure that service information is continually up-to-date.
Product Feature: Secure Interface
Recognizing the vulnerability of immigrant populations, we strive to ensure the utmost protection of users' information. No accounts nor personal information is required for using the app.
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PeaceGeeks Pathways project
PeaceGeeks Pathways project
Our approach

The Pathways project is being developed by PeaceGeeks with the endorsement, consultation and close collaboration of Metro Vancouver Local Immigration Partnerships, settlement organizations, and municipal and provincial governments in British Columbia.

The app design is driven by the community, through extensive situation analyses of existing challenges and efforts, stakeholder surveys, and most important our advisory committees.

Newcomer Committee

Immigrants and refugees of diverse backgrounds help us fully understand newcomer needs, coordinate consultation with the broader Metro Vancouver newcomer community and perform usability testing.

Frontline Committee

Frontline settlement workers and practitioners from all major settlement & community organizations in Metro Vancouver shed insight on sector challenges and test the app for potential use with their clients.

Strategic Advisory Committee

Leadership of all major Metro Vancouver settlement organizations, government, Local Immigration Partnerships and human service database partner BC211 drive the project's direction.

Get involved

Get in touch to help us test our platform or stay in the loop about our project launch.

Support us

You can help us expand the project and improve product features by donating to Pathways. 


Pathways is a redesign — for a Canadian context — of a prototype that PeaceGeeks developed in partnership with the UNHCR called Services Advisor. Services Advisor helps UNHCR provides the over 3 million refugees in Jordan and Turkey access to information on lifesaving humanitarian services.

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