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Important Notice about Past Project

PeaceGeeks has sunset the Amani platform and we are no longer accepting Amani requests. PeaceGeeks will continue maintaining existing Amani sites and remain committed to building open-source and open knowledge software with partners. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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A simple website tool for any non-profit

Amani is a clean, open-source and easy-to-use website deployment tool that was created specifically with the needs of non-profit organizations in mind. With Amani, our partners can get up and running quickly, customize and manage their sites easily, and spend more time focusing on amplifying local voices and issuing for peace, accountability and human rights.

Integrated data collection & mapping tool

Amani helps non-profits to leverage the power of maps to help shine a light on important stories. Partners can collect data via mobile, web or SMS to track powerful stories of people, initiatives and issues. Our South Sudanese partner is using Amani Maps to map conflict violence, while our Liberian partner is using maps to list women peacebuilders throughout the country.

Responsive & Localizable Websites

Amani sites are responsive and adapt to desktop and mobile devices, making it easier for people and communities to get the information they need. Amani can also be localized for other languages, including right-to-left languages such as Arabis, in order to help make information accessible to all. 

What is Amani?
Amani is an open source platform designed specifically for NGOs to quickly build websites and create change.

Many grassroots non-profits are doing incredible work at the community level to advance peace and human rights, but often lack the resources and capacities to take advantage of the tools they need to tell their story, collect data and strengthen voices in their communities. Amani is a responsive website platform, built with Drupal, that features a simple and intuitive site content management system, 4 site manager profiles, multi-lingual capabilities, a built-in mapping tool, 19 standard content types (for Events, Team, Programs, Image Galleries, etc.), integrated social media feeds, analytics tracking tools, a CRM tool that connects to MailChimp, and many other features. 

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Live Amani Example
PeaceGeeks partnered with the Digital Humanitarians Network to provide a new site so they can better respond when disasters strike

The Digital Humanitarians Network is a network of volunteer and technical communities that are committed to helping communities affected by disaster to recover faster by leveraging the power of digital tools and skilled, remote and professional volunteers.  You can view the finished product by visiting the Digital Humanitarian website.

Global Features

Different levels of user access

Create sites with multiple languages

Contact management tool

Calendar and events function

Easy search documentation

Social media enabled

Simple newsletter setup

Easy to use donation button

Amani sites also come with image galleries, programs and activity pages, a document library, partner pages or banners, an events calendar, webforms, comment forums, a blog and a floating button for donations, newsletter sign-ups...whatever is most important to your organization!

Get involved by sponsoring the Amani Project or volunteering with us!