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Past Projects

Here are some of our past projects.

Since our founding in 2011, PeaceGeeks has grown from a small group of volunteers building websites for grassroots organizations into a leading nonprofit in tech for peace.

We've partnered with numerous civil society groups and grassroots organizations around the world to strengthen their ability to tell their stories, collect data, share information and engage communities in peacebuilding and humanitarian action.

Take a look at our past work:


One of PeaceGeeks' earliest products was Amani. Amani is a simple open source 'website-in-a-box' tool that PeaceGeeks has created to help make it easier for other non-profit organizations to get online, collect data, share information and engage communities. We have officially sunset the Amani platform, but we continue to maintain existing Amani sites and stay committed using and developing open-source and open knowledge software.


PeaceGeeks has worked with some incredible individuals and organizations that are making peace a lived reality in their communities. Some of our past projects with grassroots partners included creating content strategies, building useful and effective websites, designing web and mobile apps, providing digital humanitarian support, crisis mapping, social media management, training and mentoring.

Working with PeaceGeeks, has been an AMAZING experience, they succeeded in translating our vision, thoughts and objectives into beautiful website design that reflects the spirit of our initiative and captures the core ideas we're interested to convey. They pay attention to the smallest details while keeping in mind the overarching message, in their own creative, sensitive and proactive way. Today, amidst the excitement of launching the website, I feel proud and confident that we have an excellent one!

Nora Lester Murad, Aid Watch Co-Founder, Aid Watch Palestine
Learn more about the partnership with Aid Watch Palestine here.