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Random Hacks of Kindness

Crisis Overview

Many of today's social challenges have solutions that can be strengthened by technical and communications soluitons. However, non-profit organizations rarely have the financial resources or in-house talent needed to get these tools developed. In addition, many tech developers and communications gurus want to contribute their skills and time to projects that respond to critical challenges facing humanity today.

What They Do

Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) is a global movement that connects developers from around the world with local non-profit organizations to help solve technological challenges. RHoK's objective is to bring together subject matter experts around disaster management and crisis response with volunteer software developers and designers.

Our Impact

PeaceGeeks has hosted two RHoK hackathon events in Vancouver. The first event occurred in December, 2012 and was also the first RHoK to be held in Vancouver. It helped provide digital tool and technical support for organizations such as HarassMap, Isis International, Canada Without Poverty and Five Hole for Food.

In April, 2015, PeaceGeeks hosted RHoK 4 Peace, which featured projects benefitting humanitarian organizations from around the world, including the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization, Aid Watch Palestine and Nakuru Gender-Based Violence Network.