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Crisis Overview

HarassMap was born as a response to the persistent problem of sexual harassment on the streets of Egypt, to which society has become increasingly tolerant. It is the first independent initiative to work on the issue. Overwhelmed by the awful sexual harassment HarassMap's co-founder encountered on a daily basis, they decided to start investigating the issue in order to understand whether sexual harassment was as common in wider society. Over the last years, sexual harassment has evolved from being a taboo topic to one that is being widely discussed and tackled by a new crop of independent initiatives. 

What They Do

HarassMap works to engage all of Egyptian society to create an environment that does not tolerate sexual harassment. All of HarassMap's activities are geared towards encouraging bystanders – normal people like you and me everywhere around Egypt – to speak up against harassers and have a zero-tolerance attitude towards sexual harassment. HarassMap believe that sexual harassment will stop only when harassers stop harassing. This will only happen when citizens stop ignoring harassment, making excuses for harassers, and tolerating their behaviour. By re-establishing social consequences for harassers – and making role models of people who stand up to them – HarassMap believe that harassers can be deterred from harassing again.

Our Impact

PeaceGeeks began by assigning members of our team to work directly with members of HarassMap's team on specific tasks, including on the deign of HarassMap's logo, a film program strategy, the production of an animated video and the development of a scalable web site. HarassMap reported that mentorship, along with the assistance to get tasks done, for their new a growing team was particularly valuable psychologically to keep team members motivated.

All of us, no matter what the task, felt that working with PeaceGeeks was not only technically and administratively helpful but also psychologically helpful. One of the things we most appreciate is that they never stop at advising us what we should do, but they actually help us accomplish it, follow up in order to keep us on schedule, and connect us with technical resources and expertise we find we are missing.

Rebecca Chiao
Deliverables Summary
  • Logo, sticker & banner design
  • Communications strategy design
  • Mentorship support
  • Website redesign concept
  • Animation film

PeaceGeeks Contributors

Renee Black - Project Coordinator - Jen Crane - Graphic Designer - Shay Namazi - Graphic Designer - Sunny Shah - Animator - Scott Nelson - Developer

HarassMap Contributors

Rebecca Chiao - Executive Director - Heba Habib - Communications - Eba'a El Tamami - Marketing - Nihal Saad Zaghaloul - Communications