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Foundation for Women Affected By Conflict

Crisis Overview

Northern Uganda hosts an overwhelming number of conflict-affected young women and youth who are vulnerable and need support lack skills and knowledge in order to become self-sustaining. They also lack the tools and knowledge to be able to raise critical issues to the government in order to affect meaningful change in the lives of marginalized communities. 

What They Do

The Foundation for Women Affected by Conflict (FOWAC) is a women-led non-profit organization in Northern Uganda that provides socio-economic and psychological support to women affected by conflict. Founded in response to a 2007 conflict that disproportionately targeted women, their work is primarily focused on empowering victims by resettling them in safer areas where they have access to legal, medical, and financial aid. They have also played a pivotal role in reintegrating returnee mothers with their families and facilitating dialogue that encourages reconciliation.

Our Impact

Since the launch of FOWAC's new site, PeaceGeeks has helped them to keep pace with other organizations and their new website has made it much easier to update their content with new stories and share them online. FOWAC now has control over their domain registration and are looking ahead to the next steps in taking their organization forward.

Deliverables Summary
  • Website deployment
  • Hosting 
  • Training 
  • Domain registration

PeaceGeeks Contributors

Magdi Rizkallah Project Manager

Foundation for Women Affected By Conflict Contributors

Grace Arach Project Coordinator