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Crisis Overview

Belgian’s colonial legacy in Burundi had pitted the ethnic groups of Hutu and Tutsi against each other. By independence in 1962, Burundi immediately descended into violent ethnic conflict. In 1972, the Tutsi-dominated army carried out mass killings on the Hutu population in an attempted genocide. In 1993, following Burundi’s first multi-party elections, Hutus attempted to perpetrate the genocide of Tutsis. Between 1962 and 1993, 250,000 people were killed due to ethnic violence. Following the assassination of the country’s first democratically-elected leader in 1993, Burundi descended into civil war, causing the deaths of over 300,000 people. International intervention led to a fragile peace agreement in 2005, though instability and civil unrest continue to threaten the region.

What They Do

Fontaine-ISOKO is a non-profit organization dedicated to building peace and security, gender equality, good governance, and community development throughout Burundi. They attempt to counter decades of marginalization, poverty, and discrimination, by developing education and engagement programs, such as their ‘Youth Engage Program’ (YEP) or ‘My Role,’ which seeks to end gender-based violence. Fontaine-ISOKO promotes female and youth political participation, as well as male participation. They conduct research on the effects of women’s participation in government, and the exploitation of youth, which they use to construct training and advocacy programs. Their mission is to promote partnership in building a better Burundi.

Our Impact

PeaceGeeks was able to help Fontaine-ISOKO build a website which they can effectively navigate, and update regularly. We helped train them on website management and organization. PeaceGeeks also created a site in English, that they use to communicate with the international public, as well as donors. PeaceGeeks will continue to work with Fontaine-ISOKO to build a French web platform, so that the organization can better communicate with the local population.


Due to the technical assistance from Amani Project team, Fountain-ISOKO has redefined its communication strategies on its key programs. Working with PeaceGeeks on the Amani Project has been a marvellous and inspiring opportunity for me and for Fountain-ISOKO. Long live to this partnership!

Christian Ngendahimana, Executive Director
Deliverables Summary
  • Website redesign
  • Amani Training
  • Newsletter setup

PeaceGeeks Contributors

 Renee Black - Project Manager - Jayde Chang - Graphic Designer

Fontaine-ISOKO Contributors

Christian Ngendahimana - Executive Director - Alida Ndayikeza - Communications Officer