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Dalia Association

Crisis Overview

In January 2006, elections brought the Hamas movement to power within the Palestinian Authority and led almost immediately to a near-total cut-off of budgetary support and severe reductions and restrictions in support to civil society in Palestine. Overnight, Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, who had been the largest per capital recipients of international aid in the world, plummeted even further into poverty, and became even more vulnerable to the violence of the Israeli occupation. Emergency aid channeled through multilateral organizations and international non-governmental organizations, has not compensated for the loss of earned income, and in fact, has deepened the sense of indignity and hopelessness that has pervaded the lives of generations of Palestinians.

What They Do

Dalia is a Palestinian non-profit organization that aims to challenge the perception that Palestinians are takers and not givers. Their long-term objective is to engage more Palestinians in philanthropy in its various forms, explore questions on the effective use local resources to address local issues and reduce dependency on international aid by strengthening local accountability. Dalia has chosen to begin addressing this problem through a competition aimed at getting Palestinian youth to identify different examples of Palestinian philanthropy, whether it be sharing money, time, resources, talents, networks or something else that contributes to the community. They want to help create a generation of youth who see that they have a role to play in addressing issues that affect their communities.

Our Impact

We see our role as enablers of change. We can’t lead initiatives to address issues affecting people in other places - but we can help organizations like Dalia to get the tools and capacities they need to execute projects, better manage their resources and reach and engage their communities more effectively to address local issues. Together with Dalia's local expertise on engaging Palestinian youth and PeaceGeeks technical expertise, we created an online contest to encourage Palestinian youth around the world to showcase how they were giving.

PeaceGeeks consistently respected our leadership. They recognized that this was our project and we would decide if it was successful and what success even mean. They were coming to the table with skills we didn't have. They were real true partners in this project. 


Deliverables Summary
  • Philanthropy contest concept design 
  • Implemented online philanthropy contest

PeaceGeeks Contributors

Renee Black - Project Manger - Carey Sessoms - Social Media Expert - Neeveen Bhadur - Graphic Designer - Scott Nelson - Web Developer

Dalia Association Contributors

Nora Murad - Project Coordinator