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Community Empowerment for Progress Organization

Crisis Overview

South Sudan became the world’s newest country in 2011 after gaining independence from Sudan, the result of two long and brutal civil wars. Mass oil reserves in the region promised hope for economic growth. But in December 2013, South Sudan degenerated once again into civil war. What began as a political conflict between President Kiir and his deputy, whom he accused of attempting a coup, descended into tribal violence. Communal fighting has displaced over one million people. More than 10,000 have been killed. Ongoing violence has led to child abductions, mass killings, nationwide starvation, and underdevelopment.

What They Do

CEPO began as an organization for students to foster development within their communities. Their aim was to provide access to justice, and to negotiate for peace in conflict situations. Today, CEPO has expanded its mandate to include building capacity for civil society organisations, empowering women, creating sustainable livelihoods for the poor, and holding the state accountable. CEPO creates a dialogue in local communities about human rights, governance, and conflict, and campaigns for justice.

Our Impact

With the launch of a new website in September 2014, CEPO received a significant increase in visitors, and claimed that users were better able to understand the organization’s key message. They have also received increased attention from policymakers. At one point, a co-chair of the United States congressional committee on South Sudan contacted CEPO to inquire of the organization’s stance on a proposed arms embargo. By increasing access to CEPO’s website, PeaceGeeks helped enhance the organization’s visibility, and their capacity to foster change.

Because there is no single, platform that can speak for all South Sudanese friends about atrocities committed in the conflict, there cannot be a single, absolute answer to any question that begins with the quest for accountability, but CEPO has been doing great and consistent monitoring work using the mapping tool of our website, which keeps on informing the whole country and the diaspora community about incidents that have occurred in the country.

Deliverables Summary
  • Domain registration
  • Website redesign
  • Logo redesign
  • Conflict mapping
  • Google Apps Setup
  • Training 

PeaceGeeks Contributors

Renee Black - Project Manager - Sisi Liu - Graphic Designer

Community Empowerment for Progress Organization Contributors

Edmund Yakani - Executive Director - James Bidal - Communications Manager