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  1. PeaceGeeks launches new program in Jordan to respond to extremism in online spaces PeaceGeeks is excited to announce that we have received funding of $1.1 million CAD from the Government of Canada to launch a new capacity... Jun 15, 2017 0
  2. Challenge accepted Months ago the PeaceGeeks team began to dream of what welcoming refugees and newcomers to Canada could look like if it was supported by the... Mar 30, 2017 0
  3. Bridging the gap in language training for refugees Faced with a rising tide of anti-refugee sentiment the world over, the relative tolerance of Canadian policies have stood out against the... Mar 17, 2017 0
  4. Meet Mack Hardy, PeaceGeeks' Chief Technology Geek On Friday I sat down with Affinity Bridge CEO Mack Hardy at his company’s... Feb 9, 2017 0
  5. Closing Dadaab: How the Muslim Ban is affecting Somalis A travel ban implemented on January 29th, 2017, by executive order, has effectively prohibited citizens of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya,... Feb 8, 2017 0
  6. Sensationalism in the Digital Age: The Impact on Refugees Most of us remember the tragic image of Alan Kurdi, but why did Western mainstream media remain relatively silent about the human interest... Feb 6, 2017 0
  7. #peacehack: Hacking to improve immigrant and refugee settlement On November 25 and 26 at the HiVE, PeaceGeeks and Simon Fraser University (SFU) brought hacking from the tech world into the community,... Dec 27, 2016 0
  8. Interview with Mohammed Alsaleh: fighting oppression in Syria, building a life in Canada, advocating for refugees, and discovering Starbucks A few weeks ago I interviewed Mohammed Alsaleh: a 27 year-old refugee from al-Hasakah, Syria, a new Canadian, and a powerful advocate for... Dec 16, 2016 0
  9. Can Colombia Find Peace?     Sometimes the world seems bent on driving the optimism from us. This year has brought news of wars turning the Middle... Nov 17, 2016 0
  10. Code of Conduct All individuals participating in PeaceGeeks events (such as our PeaceTalks, volunteer socials and hackathons) and community projects are... Nov 9, 2016 0