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  1. The Trial of Dominic Ongwen Does anyone still remember Kony 2012? The groundswell of support behind bringing African warlord Joseph Kony to justice will perhaps be... Sep 21, 2016 0
  2. The PeaceGeeks Services Advisor App - What It Means For Somali Refugees The sudden... Aug 28, 2016 0
  3. Imagine Being Displaced: How the Services Advisor App Helps Refugees For all the hand-wringing and consternation about the exodus of refugees out of Syria flooding into Europe, it can sometimes be forgotten... Aug 13, 2016 0
  4. Vancouver’s Tech Sector Introduced to Pool of Skilled Immigrants at Networking Event On July 18, PeaceGeeks co-hosted its first ever tech sector networking event at Unbounce for immigrants new to Vancouver in collaboration... Aug 9, 2016 0
  5. Volunteer Spotlight - Alice Neeson Alice Neeson is a Digital Communications Lead with PeaceGeeks. One of her priorities is managing the social media presence along with... Jun 28, 2016 0
  6. Gun Violence, Politics & Social Movements in the US - Is this time different? By Dylan Waisman In the wake of America’s largest and most recent mass shooting, the reignition of multiple rights-based movements... Jun 23, 2016 0
  7. Aleppo was Bleeding - Time for Peace A truce in Aleppo has been extended again bringing a cessation of airstrikes by Russian forces. This truce started after an estimated 253... May 11, 2016 0
  8. How the media is strengthening ISIS’ cause It’s no secret that journalism has been hugely impacted by the rise of digital media, and the rate of change in the industry was so... Apr 29, 2016 0
  9. Recap of Edward Snowden: Big Data, Security, and Human Rights Talk at SFU This week, Edward Snowden virtually spoke at SFU’s Public Square on the topic of Big Data, Security, and Human Rights. The discussion... Apr 9, 2016 0
  10. Volunteer Spotlight - Vincent Meet Vincent Tom, our first in-depth Volunteer interview. Vincent has been with the organization since November 2015 and is a member of the... Mar 30, 2016 0