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Volunteer Spotlight - Vincent

Meet Vincent Tom, our first in-depth Volunteer interview. Vincent has been with the organization since November 2015 and is a member of the Membership Team. Check back every month as we turn the spotlight on one of our dedicated volunteers.


What is your involvement with PeaceGeeks?


I am the Membership Lead with PeaceGeeks - Slowly but surely developing a structure to better engage our lovely volunteers.  

What drew you to the organization?


The fact that they connect two fields that I passionately care about. Since my university days, I've been interested in connecting technology to the endeavors of non-profits. There are so many opportunities for the two fields to work as one, yet I felt that many organizations out there weren't coming together. PeaceGeeks was one of the first ones I heard about that did that.


Describe a moment of impact you've felt while volunteering with PeaceGeeks?


It was during one of the Hackathons I attend last year, where I was in a room full of people with such diverse backgrounds putting their heads together to discussion, create, and implement potential solutions to current on-going issues. It was amazing just to see that type of collaboration and how PeaceGeeks can create that space to encourage it.

What are your most passionate about when it comes to tech and development?


Putting the power back into the hands of the people. There are so many ways to use technology to empower people everywhere in the world. Something as simple as your twitter account can have the potential to overthrow governments, encourage civic encouragement, or give voice to the marginalized. It's not just for tweeting about your lattes anymore.


What is your career journey to date and what are your future aspirations?


I completed my BA in Political Science at SFU, focusing on international humanitarian issues. This led me to interning at Free The Children which led to a full time position with them as a Program Coordinator. I am now working for the Centre for Community Engaged Learning at UBC, as their Project Coordinator. I'm always looking to find that balance between learning new skills and applying them in the workplace. I'm hoping to complete my Masters at some point, keep working and volunteering with amazing organizations that I feel passionate towards, and travel as much as I can at the same time!

Mar 30, 2016
Category: Media