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Situation Analysis: Access to Services in Metro Vancouver | Pathways Project

In the coming years, immigration to Canada is expected to be higher than ever. Streamlining the flow of information for all stakeholders will help to make more effective use of the available resources. Read the Situation Analysis

Over the past year, federally-funded Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) across Canada have developed strategies based on common understanding of the key challenges and opportunities for strengthening settlement in the years to come. These LIPs have created conditions for strong cross-sector collaboration on projects that can help to streamline information flows across the settlement sector to address key challenges. All Metro Vancouver LIPs identify Access to Information and Access to Services among the most critical priorities to strengthen local settlement.

Using funding from the Google Impact Challenge, PeaceGeeks has undertaken the development of a web application, Services Advisor Pathways, to address these two priorities by improving the flow of information on services to immigrants and to service providers in Metro Vancouver.

The following Situation Analysis assesses Local Immigration Partnership findings with respect to Access to Information on Services and Access to Services in the Metro Vancouver area. It summarizes the key commonalities of these reports to act as a baseline for the Services Advisor Pathways project, and reviews BC211 data in order to determine which information is already collected and available, and which is not and requiring further steps and processes.

Read the report here

Jun 20, 2017