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Project Amani Updates

As you may have heard or read about in the last newsletter, Amani is a new platform being built by PeaceGeeks to help with efficiency Of delivering services to our partners. Amani is an open source platform that utilizes mapping technologies to support work and decrease time to create a website.

The features of Amani include:

  • Improved online presence and increased control over site through user friendly interface
  • Mapping tools that can record incidents and talk about issues
  • Creating sites that work on multiple devices (computers, phones, tablets)and can be read esily with mulitiple languages
  • Functionality and design layouts frequently used by NGOs
  • Links to social media icons as well as twitter and Facebook feeds
  • A tool to collect data and Google analytics to help understand how visitors engage wit the website
  • Crisis mapping and content management capabilities.

After receiving feedback of our early adopters we improved our Amani platform by:

Providing an Amani Admin Role capable of doing some administrative tasks such as:

  • Managing the different component’s color & font,
  • Editing the Website Feedback page,
  • Managing pick lists for the different content types, &
  • Managing Google Analytics.
  • Improving site real estate by reducing the gap between the titles and bodies of content
  • Improving the Logo size by moving the tag line from below the logo to the right of the logo
  • Adding the RedHen CRM functionality

We look forward to being able to support our partners more effectively with the improved Amani!

Nov 4, 2013
Category: Project Profile