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PeaceCast Episode 1–Interview With Adel Iskandar

The first instalment of the PeaceGeeks Podcast is here! In it, PeaceGeeks volunteer Dylan Waisman interviews SFU professor of Global Communication Adel Iskandar in a discussion centred on the rise of violent extremism in the twenty-first century. This is the first episode of the series, Countering Violent Extremism.

Extremism appears to be on the rise everywhere simultaneously, whether it be in the Middle East, the United States, or Europe. But why is this happening now? What political and historical events have given rise to its proliferation in the modern age? How does it relate to modern media forms, and to what extent has social media contributed to the problem?

Perhaps most importantly, how can we counter violent extremism? Adel Iskander gives us valuable insight to these very important questions.

Stay tuned every month for a new episode of the PeaceCast, created by PeaceGeeks volunteers.

Listen to it here:

Oct 25, 2016
Category: Issue Briefs