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#GiveItUp4Peace 2019

This October, we’ve been lucky to have over 60 participants across 13 teams sign up for our annual fundraising campaign #GiveItUp4Peace. 
Participants chose to give up things like plastic, sugar, alcohol, internet, and social media. We took some time to connect with individuals who signed up for #GiveItUp4Peace and find out some of their insights on this campaign, challenges they experienced, and what they’ve learned.
What is #GiveItUp4Peace?
#GiveItUp4Peace is PeaceGeeks’ annual month-long fundraising challenge. For the entire month of October, individuals gave up one thing they couldn’t live without to raise awareness and show their support for newcomers who have given up everything they know to begin their new lives here in Canada. The funds raised from this year's campaign will go towards supporting our projects that help newcomers, like our free mobile app,  Arrival Advisor.
We’ve now extended our donation period to November 7th and all donations will be matched by the Black Family Foundation. We are only $4000 short from our goal and any contribution will help us to reach it! Even the $5 you spend on a cup of coffee in the morning will go a long way to helping us deliver our projects in Canada. Visit our campaign page here. 
Check out some of our #GiveItUp4Peace participants below! ↓
Amar Shekhar Archive Digital 
This October, Amar chose to cut down the time he spent in the shower to reduce the amount of water he let go down the drain. By limiting the duration of his showers Amar realized that his extra few minutes led to an additional 30L of water being used. He’s now become more conscious of the time he spends in the shower and the environmental impact it has. Amar decided to participate in this years campaign because of the “valuable work PeaceGeek does.” In addition to this Amar helped market our app Arrival Advisor. We’re so happy to have had Amar’s support for this year’s #GiveItUp4Peace. 
To donate to Amar you can visit his page here. Donate Here  
Kiara Scott PeaceGeeks Community Member
This year, Kiara gave up instagram. She found that it was a source of constant distraction and disconnect from her everyday life. Having given up Instagram for the month Kiara has realized the value of time away from her phone, creating meaningful interactions with friends and family through personal connection rather than social media. Kiara chose to participate in #GiveItUp4Peace because she “really appreciates everything Peacegeeks stands for and has enjoyed being part of the PeaceGeeks community as a volunteer.”  She enjoys watching the organization grow and reach its goals.
To donate to Kiara you can visit her page here: Donate Here
Bernice Puzon PeaceGeeks Social Media Volunteer
This year Bernice gave up Netflix for peace. One of the biggest changes Bernice has noticed is that her commute feels a lot longer. Normally she downloads an episode to watch as she begins her trips to and from work but this month she gave up her screen for paperback books. Throughout this campaign, Bernice realized the you really “ don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” While Netflix is “such a small thing to give up” Bernice has still felt the absence of not having it. Bernice has chosen to participate and support PeaceGeeks this October because of the “amazing work we do around the world” and how we “empower people through technology.” 
To help Bernice reach her goal you can visit her page here: Donate Here
Ingrid Timmerman HiVE Member 
Ingrid gave up to-go cups and plastic packaging. The biggest difficulty she has encountered is that other people are so used to using non-reusable items that they often forget she has asked to use her ceramic mug or declined the non-reusable item. Ingrid says she makes a conscious effort to use reusable items with the goal that other individuals will choose to go plastic free or at least reduce their intake of non-reusable goods. Ingrid has chosen to support PeaceGeeks this October, because in her words, we’re “awesome.” Thanks for the support, Ingrid!!
Thank you for all your support Ingrid! You can donate to Ingrid here: Donate Here
Nov 1, 2019