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  1. Why the future of settlement is grounded in community By PeaceGeeks When Gulalai Habib moved to Canada as a refugee from a war-torn country 20 years ago, she made some of her first friends and... May 25, 2020 0
  2. COVID Blog #7: Fear and Discrimination During COVID-19 Amplifies the Marginalization of Societies As the pandemic has continued to spread across the globe, society as we know it has gravely changed. Quarantining ourselves at home and... May 23, 2020 0
  3. COVID Blog #6: Communities Come Together During COVID With Mutual Aid Mutual aid emerging in communities to assist the vulnerable or marginalized during times of crisis is not a new concept. It has existed in... May 17, 2020 0
  4. COVID Blog #5: A Survivor’s Resource Guide on Tech Safety and Support – Combating Domestic Violence During and Beyond COVID-19 We are facing vast changes in our daily lives due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Some of us, mostly women and children, however, are... May 3, 2020 0
  5. Settlement 2.0: Innovation is in our DNA PeaceGeeks received funding from IRCC to develop a vision and action plan for exploring how technology and innovation can best facilitate... Apr 30, 2020 0
  6. COVID Blog #4: Response to Respect the Human Rights of Vulnerable Populations The scale and severity of the coronavirus pandemic continue to challenge governments around the world to not only act quickly to enforce... Apr 20, 2020 0
  7. COVID Blog #3: Finding Support & Resources in Vancouver We are now a few weeks into quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Greater Vancouver community has come together to offer support... Apr 8, 2020 0
  8. COVID Blog #2: COVID is Disrupting Education - These Digital Resources Can Help On March 11, 2020 the designation of the novel coronavirus changed to a pandemic. The aftermath caused educational institutions across the... Mar 27, 2020 0
  9. COVID Blog #1: How tech is bringing communities together in a time of social distancing In a few short months, COVID-19 has caused widespread anxiety around the world. Yet in this time of uncertainty, the impact of community... Mar 24, 2020 0
  10. PeaceGeeks Announces Jennifer Freeman as Chief Executive Officer Renee Black Steps Down as Executive Director VANCOUVER, BC; March 10, 2020 — PeaceGeeks, a nonprofit organization that builds digital... Mar 10, 2020 0