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  1. COVID Blog #11: COVID-19 Propels Adoption of Contactless Technology The pandemic has altered the acceptance of technology in our lives. Living through social isolation, many had little choice but to pivot... Jul 7, 2020 0
  2. COVID Blog #10: How Can Technology Help BC Health Workers on The Frontlines? As life almost returns to normal for us living in British Columbia, we must not forget our health-care workers. The spread of COVID-19 has... Jun 28, 2020 0
  3. COVID Blog #9: How To Protect Your Child Online During the Pandemic (And Beyond) The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented time for everyone, but especially children. In an instant, their entire lives were adapted... Jun 19, 2020 0
  4. COVID Blog #8: How the pandemic is affecting the path to immigration and Canadian citizenship Immigrating to a new country is already a daunting and scary prospect on its own. Imagine having to immigrate or navigate a citizenship... Jun 3, 2020 0
  5. Why we need to focus on what immigrants bring to Canada By PeaceGeeks Anti-immigrant sentiment is on the rise in... Jun 1, 2020 0
  6. The Canadian settlement sector needs a refreshed funding model By PeaceGeeks Too often, mothers new to Canada struggle to find work because childcare is too expensive. With a little one at home, basic... May 27, 2020 0
  7. Why the future of settlement is grounded in community By PeaceGeeks When Gulalai Habib moved to Canada as a refugee from a war-torn country 20 years ago, she made some of her first friends and... May 25, 2020 0
  8. COVID Blog #7: Fear and Discrimination During COVID-19 Amplifies the Marginalization of Societies As the pandemic has continued to spread across the globe, society as we know it has gravely changed. Quarantining ourselves at home and... May 23, 2020 0
  9. COVID Blog #6: Communities Come Together During COVID With Mutual Aid Mutual aid emerging in communities to assist the vulnerable or marginalized during times of crisis is not a new concept. It has existed in... May 17, 2020 0
  10. COVID Blog #5: A Survivor’s Resource Guide on Tech Safety and Support – Combating Domestic Violence During and Beyond COVID-19 We are facing vast changes in our daily lives due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Some of us, mostly women and children, however, are... May 3, 2020 0